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Who is Remotek

Remotek As came out of motorcyclist Dag Jenssen´s interest in creating a remote controller for ihmself, seeing the need to safely control maps, media and roadbooks on your phone and tablet while riding.

After making and enhancing my own controller for a few years, I got Innovation Norway to support a project to make the controller publicly available as a product. With the help of specialists at 7sense, Polygruner and Keytouch we developed and released the current version of the controller in the summer of 2023.

It will continue to develop in the future, with our Remotek App and firmware upgrades to the embedded software. 


Remotek AS

Storgata 274a

3912 Porsgrunn


Phone +47995 47 284


Vat id: 922 868 018

Owner with 100% of the shares, looking for investors:

Dag Jenssen

Same address and contact info as above.

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