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Installation and functions Remotek One


Instruction videos for installation on iOS and Android on Youtube

Functions overview Remotek One


Button interaction definitions used in this document:


SC – SingleClick

DC – Double Click

H – Push down and hold button

SCH1 – Single Click Hold – One click and let go, then immediately push down the same button and hold it for duration(Dur), example; SCH1 is Single Click Hold for 1 second.

DCH2 – Double Click Hold – Two clicks followed by hold for duration, here 2 seconds.


The remote – which is an customized external bluetooth keyboard - has several profiles where the buttons change functionality to that profile. For example, the map profile uses arrows and -/+ to pan and zoom, the roadbook/media profile uses media buttons like volume +/-, skip track, play pause.


The main button function you should immediately remember, is SCH1 (Single Click Hold for 1 second) on Arrow Up. That will allways bring you back to the map or the roadbook. Repeat it and it will alternate between map and roadbook. The led will flash green 3 times for Maps and 4 times for roadbook/media.


Map profile – to get there do SCH1 Arrow Up (alternates with roadbook)

Pan the map - Arrow buttons

Zoom in and out – Minus/Plus buttons

Recentre map – DC Arrow left

More options you can customize with any Key Mapper (ignore if not nerd):

K - DC Arrow Up

M - DC Arrow Right

N - DC Arrow Down


Roadbook/Media profile - to get there do SCH1 Arrow Up (alternates with maps)

Volume down/up – Minus/Plus 

Media previous/next – Arrow left/Arrow right

Display brightness up/down – Arrow up/down. You cannot map these single clicks to other functions.

Media play pause – DC Arrow down

Send character s – DC Arrow Up (this can be set to your preference in ie Piste roadbook)

The following list of profiles you can ignore if you only want to use the remote in Map and Roadbook/Media modes. For advanced users (aka the nerds), go on:


GoPro profile – DCH1 Arrow Up (Led – 5 green flashes)

This profile needs the GoPro Quik app and the Camera Tools for Heroes app for it to work. Follow the app instructions.

x – Arrow Up

c – Arrow Left

t – Arrow Right

p – Arrow Down

r – Minus

s – Plus

Only single clicks can be used here.


DMD2(Drive Mode Dashboard) mode – SCH1 Arrow Down (led – 2 green flashes)

This mode is exactly as seen on the buttons.

Arrows – Arrows in four directions

Minus/Plus – Minus/Plus

Click simultaneously on Arrow Left and Right to lock this mode so you cannot by accident change mode. Repeat to unlock. 

To go to any other mode than Maps from here, you must go to Maps first with DCH1 Arrow Up.


Settings mode – DCH1 Arrow Down (Led – 6 green flashes)

Reboot controller – DCH3 Arrow Left (hold until Led flash red once)

Remove all bluetooth bondings – CH3 Arrow Right (hold until Led flash red once)

Reset controller – DCH3 Arrow Down (hold until Led lights up red for a second)

Set controller in iOS mode – CH1 Plus button

Set controller in Android mode – CH1 Minus button

Fault finding guide

In the case that the remote isn't working as expected, or not working at all, check and do the following.

Is the remote connected? Go into Bluetooth settings and check if BT is on and the unit listed as connected.

If no try to reconnect.

If yes, is the remote responding? CH1 on Arrow up and observe the green led which should blink 3 or 4 times.


If the remote responds but nothing happens, remove/unbond the remote in your phone/tablet´s bluetooth settings and reset the remote by DCH1 Arrow Down(6 green blinks), then DCH3 Arrow Down again until a long red light appears from the led.

Pair again by finding the device as a new device in your bluetooth settings.

The remote does not respond (no green blinks with CH1 Arrow Up):

It could mean the remote is locked in DMD2 Mode and you try to use it in a different mode. To check this, click simultaneously on Arrow Left and Right to unlock it, and then CH1 arrow Up to see if it responds. Observe 3 or 4 blinks.

If still no response, replace battery, and if that does not help, get in touch and we will replace the unit.

Zoom buttons and/or re centre buttons behaves unwanted in Maps. The remote is probably set in wrong system mode, iOS on Android or vice versa. Read how to set the remote to iOS or Android above in Settings mode.

If the remote is dead and/or does not work in any settings, we will replace it. You return the remote and we will send you a replacement unit.


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