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Firmware upgrade Remotek One and Rally

Firmware update will be available in our app at launch in approx May 2024. Before that, follow these instructions.


Download nRF Connect Device Manager from Play Store. Disconnect your Remotek One/Rally in bluetooth (you don´t have to forget the device). Open nRF Connect Device Manager and select your Remotek controller. Follow instructions below.

Download the firmware to your phone/tablet:

Remotek One (without toggle):



Remotek Rally(with toggle):


When complete, exit nRF Connect Device Manager and reconnect the controller in bluetooth. If it does not connect, forget/unbond the connection and reconnect as a new device. All should be good. Read the manual on to learn the new functionality of the Remotek Rally. Good luck and feedback, good or bad, is appreciated. 

Remotek Rally Firmware upgrade.jpg
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